Written Testomonials

I am a 45 year old female, I was nearsighted with astigmatism. I suffer from dry eyes and was unable to manage contact lenses. I went for 2 consults prior to choosing Travers Lasik for lasik surgery. The first place I went for a consult spent barely any time with me and when I met with that ophthalmologist and had questions, he dismissed my questions as insignificant. He said we could make choices on the fly the day of surgery (are you kidding me?). After that not so good experience, I went to Travers for a second consult and opinion. They were extremely thorough, checked the complete health of my eyes and even found something they were not 100% happy with at first and they checked and re-checked it just to be sure it wasn’t something significant. They explained everything to me in full detail, answered my battery of questions with confident, thorough answers and were very flexible in scheduling, without pressure. The staff was friendly and encouraging and helped me with my anxiety. The surgery was quick and Dr. Travers talked me through it with a calm, confident demeanor. The post op appointments were very thorough and efficient and they addressed my personal concerns thoroughly and encouraged me to always consider them a resource if my issues did not resolve as we all anticipate. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Travers Lasik. I highly recommend.

Terri W.

I got a recommendation from a co-worker and found Travers through my own research. My distance vision is excellent so far. I now enjoy freedom from switching glasses outdoor and the ability to wear non-prescription safety eyewear.

Michael Nix

My girlfriend made me go to Travers Lasik. 😀 To be honest, I wish this space to write was longer. It just feels great not to have to depend on something to help me see. Honestly, I feel more confident in my personal looks. I cannot wait to get back on the basketball court and not worry about my contacts being an issue. Thanks to all the staff.

Marcus A. Bennett

The number of surgeries performed, friendliness of the staff and the affordability is what drew me to Travers Lasik. They helped my dependency on contacts + glasses. Could see nothing with them. The vision is very clear and sharp now as well. I will now be able to play sports and especially be able to swim and see! I don’t have to worry about eye allergies with contacts irritating my eyes.

Rebecca McCollum

I had researched a lot of options and asked around. I was very pleased with what I read and heard from former patients. The staff made me feel at care prior to my procedure. Dr. Travers walked me through everything she was doing. A day later, I feel better and am seeing very clearly. So far, so good. My vision today is really great! I look forward to may years of wonderful vision!

Todd Hales

Travers was the first choice the online personnel recommended, so I took the offer. Everything was great, everyone is really friendly and professional. Being able to see without having to reach for my glasses is great. I enjoy the outside view without worrying about my contacts feeling weird or if I forget to get my glasses.

I chose Travers Lasik for several reasons: 1) I knew first hand people who had their Lasik done by Dr. Travers. 2) Their testimonials were nothing but great. 3) The experience of Dr. Travers was impressive. Travers Lasik helped me get my sight back. I feel so much more confident about myself. I feel like a new person and got my independence back. Best of all, my 17 month old can no longer grave and throw my glasses when I hold him. Finally, I got through the process of getting the procedure done because everyone at Travers Lasik is so nice and have great bedside manners. I was so afraid before and during the procedure, but the staff and Dr. Travers took the time to calm me down and to reassure me. I loved the experience!

I went to Travers Lasik because of the quality of the website. The info was great and confidence-inspiring. They made my vision great and I now have no need for contacts or glasses.
I found Travers Laski through research and word of mouth. I can see! I don’t need any more contacts or glasses – freedom!
I chose Travers Lasik because they have an ‘A’ rating by the BBB and I read nothing but good reviews about them. Everyone there was very helpful, especially the staff. They answered all my questions and after the surgery, I could see. I can now see better than 20/20 with no glasses.
I found them on the internet. When I came in I felt the confidence of the staff. I can see better than I ever have in my life. I don’t have to wear more than 1 pair of glasses at work for safety. I’m liking wearing different economically preferred shades. Waking up and not having to look for glasses. Looking in the mirror, seeing clearly how I look without glasses.
Their price, the wed ad and the radio ad were all decision factors for picking Travers as my eye surgeon. My vision is vastly improved- I have worn contacts and glasses for the past ten 10 years. Only 12 hours after surgery I could see things very clearly that I hadn’t seen without glasses for many years. 🙂
I love not worrying about glasses and contacts and being able to see so clearly has been a blessing. Thanks to everyone at Travers Lasik, you’re the best. Any time I get the opportunity, I will tell people about how great your team and services were.
I picked Travers for the technology, the reputation, and the cost. Now I have 20-15 distance vision without the aggravation of contacts/glasses. I love my hassle free vision!
Lori Travers had years of experience and was recommended by my optometrist. I was seeing 20/15 vision the day after the surgery – better than with my contacts. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. It’s great not having to deal with glasses or contacts. What a freedom!
I chose Travers because of the recommendation of a friend and through the radio. They helped me a lot with everything – no more contacts or glasses. I will be enjoying more water sports.
My friend Tim recommended Travers Lasik to me. They helped with my monovision and now I have great distance vision!
Every review I read online was excellent, plus 2 coworkers had good experiences at Travers. I have been having migraines for several years from every pair of contacts & glasses I tried. Now I am free from them. Before surgery I couldn’t even see the top letter on the eye chart (20/400), my prescription was -5.25. Now, less than 18 hours after surgery I have already close to 20/20 vision.
I was referred by my friend Joni. I got LASIK & had great service through the entire process. Very friendly staff with a family feel. I love not wearing glasses all day! There is not much better than that.
I was tired of contacts and a friend referred me to Dr. Travers. The procedure was completely painless and I can see the alarm clock for the first time in 25 years!!! I have zero complaints! I see BETTER than 20/20. No more glasses or expensive contact prescriptions. I feel so free. I’m looking forward to the pool this summer!
Everything is better than perfect. It is as if I have a brand new life. I can not thank Travers Lasik enough.
Travers Lasik is highly recommended for a reason. I am more comfortable working without glasses and I am enjoying non prescription sunglasses.
Multiple friends referred me to Travers Lasik. The prices and staff are great. They walked me through the procedure step by step. After my procedure I can see things that I couldn’t even see with glasses or contacts. I love being able to wake up and not having to hunt for my glasses. I can read road signs from a distance. I can wake up in the middle of the night and see the alarm clock without squinting. My results are amazing.
Dr. Travers and All,

I’m not one who usually comments on the experiences I’ve had with a business, and when I do it usually tends to be negative. This time, however, I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone for the very positive experience I had.

Seldom, no rarely, have the people I encountered been, without exception, so professional, competent, courteous, and caring. Maybe as remarkable and as important to me is that everyone was just outright friendly.

And I am really pleased to have such good results and to be able to put away my glasses. Well, except to read the fine print.

Thank you all! And may God bless you.

Thank you does not seem like a big enough word to express my gratitude for my perfect eyesight! I still am amazed each day when I wake up that I can see so clearly. My greatest appreciation to you Dr. Travers, and to your staff for all you have done.
On January 24, 2004 my life changed drastically. The change was a direct result of the surgery you performed on my eyes. For many years I have struggled with poor vision. I spent many days frustrated and anxious because as a full time Specialist for Head Start and a part time student I had extreme difficult seeing.

Days after surgery I was able for the first time in eleven years to read the thermostat in my own home. Days later I marveled at my ability to see the numbers on the jerseys of my favorite basketball team players on television. I was amazed! Each day brings new things to enjoy because I now can see!

I have recommended you to my business associates, classmates, and friends. I tell them what a wonderful new beginning my improved sight has done. Words cannot express my appreciation for the gift of sight Lasik Plus has given me.

You and your wonderful staff made the experience pleasant and gave me a real feeling of comfort and security. To all of you I am extremely grateful. I only wish I could shout from mountain tops about my joy.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

Dr. Travers,

Thank you so much for my —– gift of sight. So far I’m great. Your staff is courteous and friendly so thanks much to them also.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to wish you the best in your venture. You corrected my vision a few years ago and I still like you. I will definitely pass your name to anyone considering the procedure with confidence.

Take care and God Bless,

Dear Travers and staff,

Thank you so much for getting me to see. It’s so nice to be able to lay in bed and watch TV not worry about falling asleep. I look forward to summer now. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Erica Delong

Dr. Melissa Graves

Ann Marie Baez