The Triangle’s Most Experienced LASIK Surgeon

“I had my Lasik eye surgery in 2001. It is one of the best things I have done in my life. The most common comment I hear from my patients is ‘Why didn’t I have this done sooner?’

– Dr. Lori Travers

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The Triangle’s Only LASIK Specialist

Dr. Travers is the only ophthalmologist in the Raleigh area who maintains one office and one specialty: LASIK. She keeps a sharp focus on Lasik surgery. It is the only procedure she does ‘week-in, week-out’. She also uses only All-Laser-Lasik, the most advanced blade-free technology available. So you’ve either made the decision to correct your vision with Lasik eye surgery or you are wondering, “Is LASIK right for me?” For those considering LASIK, just ask the millions of LASIK patients who now have the best vision of their lives. Now, you might be ready to choose a doctor. This should be a doctor who not only has extensive experience and proven LASIK skill, but one whom you trust because many other people have had positive experiences. In the Triangle, that doctor is Dr. Lori Travers.

Dr. Travers is the most experienced Lasik doctor in the Triangle

As the most experienced Lasik surgeon in the Triangle with more than 40,000 procedures performed and over 15 years of experience performing laser eye surgery, everyone benefits from Dr. Travers’ acclaimed expertise and personalized care. She works with each patient on an individual basis to make sure every question is answered and the utmost level of comfort is reached.

Choose only the most advanced laser vision correction technology

Travers Lasik Vision Care utilizes only the latest state-of-the-art technology, including Custom Wavefront and bladeless, All-Laser Z-Lasik. And now the US Armed Forces has approved All-Laser Lasik technologies for use on all pilots and service men and women.This decision was made following an extensive military review of clinical data that shows the combination of a femtosecond laser and a custom wavefront guided laser provides an ultimately safe procedure for superior vision.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

We’ve created a calculator to help you understand the costs associated with LASIK. The procedure itself varies, depending upon your condition, but this calculator helps with planning!

Edward I.

I had my surgery with Travers Lasik in January. My flex plan had just renewed so I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the money. I wore contacts and glasses for 15 years before I had finally had enough… more

Terri W.

I am a 45 year old female, I was nearsighted with astigmatism. I suffer from dry eyes and was unable to manage contact lenses. I went for 2 consults prior to choosing Travers Lasik… more

William R.

Unbelievable experience! EVERYONE is so nice, friendly, and attentive. Travers Lasik is an example of what EVERY business, no matter the field, should strive to achieve. I wish I could give this team a million stars. So thankful that Dr. Travers was recommended to me and that I took the advice. I would highly recommend both the doctor and the staff to anyone and everyone considering lasik. Top notch without question…. more

Dr. Lori Travers on our technology and experience

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