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Frequently Asked Questions

At Travers Lasik Vision Care, we want you to feel fully confident in our ability to help you see better. We’ll take the time to explain the Lasik procedure and provide answers to give you total comfort in your decision. Here are some of the commonly-asked questions we receive.
At Travers Lasik Vision Care, we want you to feel fully confident in our ability to help you see better. We’ll take the time to explain the Lasik procedure and provide answers to give you total comfort in your decision. Here are some of the commonly-asked questions we receive.
Will Lasik vision correction improve my eyesight?
Lasik successfully treats nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism conditions. The only way to be sure is to examine your eyes at a FREE Lasik Exam. While some individuals cannot be helped by Lasik, most patients are excellent candidates.
How long does Lasik vision correction take?
The actual Lasik procedure takes only a matter of minutes. Your entire visit to our clinic will last about 90 minutes in order for us to conduct final measurements on your eyes.
What does LASIK feel like?

The most common word used by our patients is “weird.”

Is Custom Wavefront treatment right for me?
Custom Wavefront is performed based on the unique attributes of each eye’s refraction. The results of your Lasik exam will determine if Wavefront treatment will provide a measurable improvement over traditional Lasik.
How quickly will I be able to see better?
You should be able to see much more clearly immediately after your procedure. As your eyes adjust in the days, weeks and months ahead, your vision should gradually reach optimized results.
Can I drive myself home after my Lasik procedure?
No. You may experience blurred or sensitive vision immediately after your surgery, so plan to have someone else drive you home.
Will my improved vision be permanent?
Studies show that vision treated by Lasik offers long-term results. In the rare occurrence that your vision needs an adjustment, Travers Lasik Vision Care can provide Lasik enhancements.
When can I return to work?
You should be able to resume your normal schedule the day after your procedure.
Is Lasik vision correction safe for teenagers?
The Lasik procedure is FDA approved for anyone 18 years and older. The procedure works best when the eyes have stopped growing or changing and a steady glasses prescription has been reached.
What is Custom Wavefront Lasik?
Custom Wavefront Lasik is a more in-depth version of the Lasik treatment. The technology involves sending light into the eye in a specific pattern and then measuring it as it passes through the visual system. Changes in the pattern are a result of aberrations in the eye. The Wavefront technology can be customized to precisely correct each aberration. Your doctor can best tell you if the Custom Wavefront Lasik treatment is right for your eyes.
How do I know if I should get regular Lasik treatment Custom Wavefront treatment?
This will be determined by talking with your doctor. Travers Lasik Vision Care offers a free consultation before the procedure in which your eyes will be evaluated and options given to you regarding the treatment.
What’s the difference between regular Lasik and All-Laser Lasik?

The only difference is in the way the cornea flap is created. All-Laser Lasik is bladeless, and uses a laser to create the flap whereas regular Lasik uses a microkeratome. The benefit of All-Laser Lasik is more precise cornea flaps and a reduced risk of experiencing dry eyes after the operation.

How many people have had this surgery?
There have been more than 30,000,000 treatments performed around the world, making this surgery the most common voluntary medical procedure.
Will I still need to use reading glasses even after the surgery?
Most everyone under the age of 40 who has undergone Lasik surgery does not need to use reading glasses after the procedure. However, when patients enter their early 40s, most do require reading glasses due to the natural aging process of the lens inside your eye.
Do insurance companies cover this surgery?
Some insurance companies will offer plans that give a discount off the surgery price. Our prices are in most cases better than any other provider’s, even with an insurance discount. We will be happy to work with you to give you the best possible price for all-laser-lasik in Raleigh.
Are there any activities I need to avoid following the surgery?
While there is a very short recovery time from the surgery, patients should be careful with the eye area immediately following the procedure. Do not rub your eyes and wear good sunglasses. No eyeliner or mascara should be used for up to one week after the surgery. Activities such as swimming in pools or hot tubs, playing racquet sports and going to tanning beds should be avoided for one week as well.
How long has Lasik surgery been performed?
The Lasik surgery has been performed regularly for over 25 years. While this may not seem like an exceptionally long time, it should be noted that the major components of the procedure have been in existence much longer. Ophthalmologists have been working with and reshaping the cornea for more than 50 years and creating a protective layer of tissue for more than 35 years to get the Lasik surgery to where it is today.

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