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Ziemer’s FEMTO LDV femtosecond laser

Z-LASIK is bladeless, laser-only (all laser) LASIK, performed by Ziemer’s FEMTO LDV femtosecond laser. The Swiss designed laser is the very first compact femtosecond surgical laser, and Z-LASIK employs all-laser technology throughout the entire procedure (unlike other methods of laser vision correction).

Other procedures use a mechanical instrument, known as a microkeratome, to create the thin flap of tissue on the eye exposing the cornea. While these instruments are accurate, safe and reliable, there is a greater degree of variation in the depth of the flap created. Bladeless Z-LASIK is a highly precise laser, which we use to create the flap, which better controls the thickness and accuracy of the flap. For some patients, especially those with thinner corneas, the flap thickness is extremely important.

Overall, Z-LASIK offers the utmost safety, high definition vision clarity, and the most accuracy of any laser in its class. Patients enjoy a fast recovery time, little post-operative discomfort and astonishing results.

Some of the clinical advantages of Ziemer’s FEMTO LDV are:

  • A smooth surface of stromal bed.
  • Smooth edges for optimal flap closure.
  • Thin flaps of even thickness.
  • Rapid healing and visual recovery.
  • Excellent visual outcomes.

Alcon Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser

This recently FDA-approved platform laser was designed especially for custom laser vision correction.

People having LASIK or other refractive procedures with Alcon Wavelight benefit from the laser’s unique ability to reshape the eye while compensating for the cornea’s naturally aspheric (not perfectly round) shape.

Unlike older excimer lasers, which remove eye tissue in a central, flat manner that creates an edge, Alcon Wavelight’s PerfectPulse technology evenly applies tiny pinpoints of laser pulses specifically adjusted to each eye’s specific curvature. With this unique system, eye tissue is re-formed in a smooth, consistent manner that provides the very best vision results.

What does the new technology mean for LASIK patients?

First and foremost, the Alcon Wavelight can treat a larger area within the eye’s targeted treatment zone. This means a far reduced chance of side effects such as seeing halos around headlights and bright lights at night. These side effects can occur at night or in darkened rooms when the eye’s pupil widens and expands beyond the area of the cornea that received laser correction.

The Alcon Wavelight laser was designed by WaveLight, the company that pioneered wavefront technology. Wavefront measurements provide meticulously detailed information that can help eye surgeons address even obscure defects in the eye’s optical system known as higher-order aberrations.

Lasers, Travers Lasik
Lasers, Travers Lasik

WaveLight Vario Topolyzer

WaveLight Vario Topolyzer is an advanced eye-mapping device. The Topolyzer gathers nearly 22,000 points of data on the cornea.

This information and data is seamlessly integrated into The WaveLight EX500 excimer laser for the perfect custom LASIK surgery.

By utilizing the Vario Topolyzer, Dr. Travers can customize Lasik procedures to treat each patient’s specific visual axis as well as utilize iris registration capabilities to have their Lasik treatment applied to the cornea avoiding any cyclo-rotation of the eye.

Lasers, Travers Lasik

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