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It’s not just where you have LASIK, but who performs it.

Travers Lasik Vision Care is a specialty clinic that performs LASIK vision correction. As medical director and chief surgeon, Dr. Lori Travers is a Board-certified Ophthalmologist and Lasik Specialist who has helped thousands of Triangle residents to improve their eyesight.

LASIK is an exciting, life-enriching procedure. Travers Lasik Vision Care understands that each patient must feel fully comfortable with their decision to have the treatment, as well as with the vision care team who will supervise each step of the process. That’s why Travers Lasik Vision Care combines proven, state-of-the-art, FDA-approved technology with a professional team that specializes in LASIK vision correction.

Personalized Care

Dr. Travers will personally perform your Lasik Vision Exam at no charge to determine how to best improve your eyesight. She’ll be involved in your post-procedure exams as well.


Dr. Travers has 17+ years of experience and has performed over 45,000 Lasik procedures, more than any other doctor in the Triangle. She’s had LASIK treatment on her own eyes. And because she lives here in Raleigh, she’s local and accessible to patients.

The Most Advance LASIK Technology

We use latest technology including All-Laser Z-Lasik, Dr. Travers can treat nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism conditions to help you achieve the best vision possible.

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