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The reasons for having LASIK to correct your vision are specific to each individual.  The most common reason that we hear from our patients is to “get rid of glasses and contacts.”  That is a valid reason, but we should ask “Why?”  Why would someone want to get rid of glasses and contacts?  Aside from all the ways that LASIK is healthier for your eyes than contact lenses.   The real reason is that relying on a device for vision is not always the most convenient for our lifestyles.  Those that market LASIK will usually insert a picture of someone skiing, mountain climbing or windsurfing.  While those are recognizable images for some, it doesn’t really hit home for the rest of us in our day-to-day lives. 

I had my LASIK surgery 20 years ago.  Since then, I have become a wife, a mother of four beautiful girls and an entrepreneur.  I have a very active lifestyle and when I’m not watching my daughters on the soccer fields from the stands, I am running or biking.  I know what a hinderance my glasses and contacts would have been to my lifestyle if I had not chosen to move forward with having LASIK.  I feel like it would be good fun for me to list some of the ways that I’ve noticed the improvements that LASIK has made to my lifestyle.

  • Caring for children / nighttime emergencies:  As a mother of four girls, I get it!  The up and down in the middle of the night is constant in my home.  I don’t have to fumble for my glasses on the nightstand or sleep in my contacts.  LASIK was worth every penny just for this.
  • Sleeping in contacts:  Sleeping in contacts severely increases your risk of infections and deprives your corneas of much needed oxygen.  (Yes, even if they are approved for sleeping in them.)
  • Sports:  Whether it’s happened to us, our children or a sports icon, we’ve all witnessed the effects of glasses or contact lens wear during a sporting event.  Glasses create blind spots in your vision.  Contacts are more prone to drying out which causes them to wrinkle or fall out completely. 
  • Traveling:  My husband and I love to travel.  We recently returned from a trip abroad for conference to research new technology in our industry.  The hassle factor of having to make sure that I had enough contact lenses, solution, case and backup glasses would have stressed me out.  For those who travel to more remote destinations I wonder what they would do to maintain proper eye care?  With the increased probability of an infection while wearing contact lenses, where would they go to seek proper care from an eye care professional?
  • Swimming:  In an earlier article, I addressed the dangers of contact lens wear around water.  Swimming in contact lenses increases your risk of infection exponentially. 
  • Wearing sunglasses:  Before LASIK, I was extremely nearsighted.  There are no good sunglass options for a lot of prescription eyeglass wearers.  Those patients are most excited about the opportunity to buy a new pair of sunglasses after their procedure!
  • Watching TV:  It is difficult trying to lay down and binge TV while wearing glasses. 

If you have not been to my clinic to determine your candidacy, you should.  I decided to make them free so patients would have the opportunity to decide on treatment without obligation.  My practice’s vision is for great patient care, in a friendly and unhurried environment.  My doctors and staff all specialize in refractive surgery and are highly qualified to complete your consultation.  As the only surgeon at Travers Lasik, I will walk you through the entire process.  So, what are you waiting for?

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